How I Used Alerts with PhoneSheriff


One of the big plusses about PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring software is that it is strong on its capabilities for providing alerts when certain events take place. And, I took advantage of these capabilities when I purchased PhoneSheriff and installed it on my teenager’s smartphone. What follows is how I used these alerts.

Geofencing Alerts

I was always concerned when my teenage daughter went out the door if she was going where she really said she was. It’s just a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that she was not being honest with me.

GeofencingThere’s this feature that comes with PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring software and let me explain to you how it works. It’s called geofencing and what it does is send me an email when my teenager leaves or enters geographical boundaries that I configure.

Now when I call my teenager and ask where she is at, she had better tell me the truth because I will have an alert if she went where I said she shouldn’t thanks to geofencing alerts.

Profanity and Custom Keyword Alerts

PhoneSheriff sends me the full text of message exchanges on my daughter’s iPhone. Thus, I can see what she converses about using SMS, iMessages, or email.

After installing PhoneSheriff software on her smartphone, I noticed right away that she and her friend liked to use colorful words otherwise known as profanity in her chats. As a parent, I would like her to not use profanity.

However, it’s not just about the profanity. Oftentimes when there is profanity it also means something else more disturbing is happening. For example, the teenagers might be using profanity that is related to sex thus it would be a clue that they could be planning more.

With PhoneSheriff, I can set it so that it detects profanity and it will send me an email alert when it is introduced as text onto the smartphone.

Not only can I set it to detect profanity. I can also configure my own custom keywords that when used will trigger the sending of an email message as well. Thus, I can configure some of the code-words and modern-day social media acronyms they use that may require me to look further.

Intrusion Alerts

PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring software also has the feature of sending alerts when a wrong password, PIN, or remote SMS command has been entered on the target smartphone.

What does this have to do with proactive parenting you may ask? Well, I finally told my teenager that PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring software was running on her smartphone. I figured that it is even more of a deterrent if she knows that she is being monitored.

However, if she ever figures out how to pull up the PhoneSheriff administrator’s control panel on her smartphone then she will not be able to get through unless she knows the unique access code. And if she starts trying to hack it then I will get an alert. In other words, I’ll know if she is trying to change PhoneSheriff settings to circumvent my monitoring.

SIM Card Change Alerts

PhoneSheriff SettingThere’s another trick that a teenager can do to circumvent PhoneSheriff software and that is to change the SIM card. The feature is there just in case. It hasn’t happened with my daughter yet but you never know.

Do you see now why I am quite pleased with PhoneSheriff? If you have a child with a smartphone, you need this software so that you can know what you need to know when it happens.

Updated: August 23, 2014 — 5:43 am
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