Spy on WhatsApp Messages In 3 Easy Steps

Everyone’s smartphone has SMS (short messaging service) capability for exchanging texts with others. However, SMS can be quite expensive depending on the cellular service plan the subscriber purchases. And MMS (multimedia messaging service) used for sending videos, photos, and ringtones can be just as expensive if not more.

WhatsApp MessengerIt is the expense of SMS/MMS messages that prompted the need for free instant messaging (IM) apps that use Internet protocols for text and multimedia exchanges and they are free to use. WhatsApp is one such IM app and a very popular one at that.

Now for the main topic and that is how to use smartphone monitoring software to spy on WhatsApp messages. Parents use it to monitor their kids with regard to the WhatsApp activities on their smartphones and employers use it to make sure their employees don’t waste time on company-issued smartphones. There are other reasons to use this software as well.

You can get your WhatsApp spy software up and running by carrying out the following 3 steps.

Step 1: Choose a WhatsApp spy software.

hackspyapp.com is a really good site where you can find the most popular Whatsapp spy software! Once you’ve chosen a software that fits your needs, then move on to the next two steps to get up and running.

Step 2: Download and install thesoftware

WhatsApp spy software vendors will typically send you a web link plus instructions for downloading and installing the product.

Once the installation is complete, the WhatsApp spy software starts doing its job of logging activities on the smart device it is monitoring.

Step 3: View data online

Now all you need to do is log in to the control panel provided by the WhatsApp spy vendor and begin analyzing chat messages sent from the monitored device and the other logs sent.

View Their WhatsApp Chats

View their chat messages online

Parents have a responsibility to make sure that WhatsApp use does not get out of hand when their children are using it. Likewise, employers don’t want their employees wasting precious work time on WhatsApp.

With a powerful WhatsApp spy software , both get help fulfilling their responsibilities towards their children and employees.

Updated: July 20, 2015 — 9:02 am
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