Using the Cell Phone Monitoring Software to Protect Your Kids from Cyber Bullying

Parents are concerned about bullying when it comes to their kids. The news is filled with stories about school violence when it comes to bullying. There is another form of this that occurs in the smartphone world and it is called cyber bullying. It is just as devastating for a child to experience and in some cases more.

Cyber Bullying

If you give your child a smartphone you need to install the cell phone monitoring software on it so that you know when your child is a victim of cyber bullying. Let’s examine this further.

What Makes the Field Ripe for Cyber Bullying?

There are several factors that make your kid’s smartphone world ripe for cyber bullying thus triggering the need for you as a parent to install the cell spy software.

These factors include:

  • Kids will not tell their parents when it happens to them. Because of embarrassment, fear, or pride, not all kids want their parents to know that they are being cyber-bullied.
  • No time limits are set with regard to kids’ smartphone use. They eat and sleep with their smartphones all day. It is almost as if the device is glued to their hands. More time available means more time to be a victim.
  • They lose their smartphones. A cyber bully finds the smartphone and automatically has access to a target: your child.
  • The anonymous nature of the Internet. This makes the field ripe whether it is on a smartphone or a personal computer. The cyber bully at the other end can go undetected for quite some time and get away with much.

Furthermore, in some cases you child might be doing the cyber bullying. You would certainly want to know this which is another important reason for putting the cell phone tracker on their smartphone.

What You Must Do as a Parent

As mentioned previously, if you want to get a handle on cyber bullying with regard to your kid’s smartphone use then you must install the cell phone tracker app on their device. Otherwise, you will never know if this situation is occurring.

The most important help you will get from mobile spy software is that you can see all text messages exchanged from email, SMS, social networking sites, and instant messengers. Cyber bullying is most frequently done by writing and the full text of these messages gets sent to your control panel so that you can see the facts.

cell phone monitoring

Other measures you must take along with the help provided by the cell phone monitoring app include:

  • Talking to your kids. Reassure them that it is okay to contact you when cyber bullying occurs. Make them feel at ease that you will not react in an angry manner but rather take firm action to put a stop to it.
  • Knowing with whom your kids associate. Know their friends and know where they all like to go. With the cell phone spyware you will be able to determine their contacts and question your child about those whom you don’t know.
  • Being familiar with the social networking venues of your kids. Get your own Facebook and Twitter accounts and follow your kids on these social networking sites. For younger children, you can ask for the passwords to their accounts so that you can monitor not only messages but other postings.
  • Having a plan for the event that your child’s smartphone gets lost or stolen. With phone tracker, you can track the GPS location of the device. If recovery efforts appear to be hopeless, the cell phone tracking app allows you to send SMS commands to lock the device and wipe its data contents clean so that the information gets into no one else’s hands.

Your child does not need to be the victim of cyber bullying. With the cell phone monitoring software, you can get the information that you need so that you can take the appropriate action and even call the authorities if you must.

Updated: September 13, 2014 — 6:35 am
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