Go SMS Pro

Go SMS ProOne of the best SMS messaging systems for Android devices is Go SMS Pro. Currently, there are about 100 million users who have chosen this messaging app over others that are available on the market. It is an attractive application as it is simple, fun, personal, and easy to use. Go SMS Pro has everything a person needs to efficiently send messages.


There is a private box you can use to encrypt all of your messages. It even comes with a smart SMS blocker, which automatically blocks and blacklist messages that you do not want to see. It will even organize and categorize messages sent by people who are not in your contact list. This makes it easier for you to find the conversations that mean the most. Sponsored messages can be quickly disable as well.

Go SMS Pro Features


This program comes equipped with more than 200 different personalized or customizable themes. These can be found within the theme store. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the background color, font color, font size, and font face. You can set your own notifications, create your own signatures, or set up custom conversations for individual people.

Large MMS Size

Unlike other SMS programs, you are not limited to the standard 300K file size. This program supports sending 8 high definition images at one time with a size limit of 20M. This includes pictures, videos, notes, contact information, and locations. It gives you more freedom to send everything you need, without having to send several different messages because of size.

Pop Up Notifications

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were frustrated with not realizing you received an SMS from someone? With this program, that will not be a problem. There is a contact icon that will pop up every time you get a new message. It will even display the content of the message, and give you the option to respond quickly or wait until later.


Privacy BoxNaturally, you want to know that your messages are safe and secure. You do not want everyone and their brother to read your intimate conversations. Fortunately, everything is encrypted. You are the only one who will have access to your SMS messages on this program. You will not have to worry about anyone else reading them.


Enjoy the freedom of talking to your friends, while sending larger MMS messages than you’ve ever been able to send before. You can even create a group chat with more people than other programs have allowed you to do.

With this program, you will enjoy talking to other people again. It even comes equipped with a lot of cute stickers if you are someone who likes sending adorable smiley faces and emoticons. This makes messaging with your friends loads of fun, as you can tell them how you feel without words. Go SMS Pro is a messaging system that provides you freedom to message the way you have always wanted.

Updated: February 25, 2019 — 5:26 pm